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How Amazon HQ Would Change the Philly Food Scene

Everyone is wondering where the new Amazon Headquarters will end up. The buzz around Philadelphia is that we are very much in contention and could possibly end up being home to the coveted Amazon HQ2. Of course we would welcome this new addition with open arms as it would bring endless growth and opportunity to our rapidly evolving city. However, being the Philly food lover that I am, I can't help but wonder what this would mean for the food and restaurant scene in Philadelphia. There are multiple site possibilities being proposed and whichever site Amazon selects would end up transforming that neighborhood as we know it. Doing some research on the current Amazon HQ in Seattle, you can see that unlike other tech companies such as Google, Amazon has a very small cafeteria inside their facility and they actually encourage their employees to leave the office for lunch. This fact alone hints at the possibility of having many new lunch and happy hour friendly restaurants somewhere other than center city. One of the proposed sites is the Navy Yard (my favorite option), which would allow Amazon to pretty much create a campus like facility in an area that is just waiting for new businesses. The Navy Yard has seen a revitalization in the past few years that nobody would have ever expected. With the addition of Amazon HQ2 and the influx of restaurants that would inevitably follow, the Navy Yard or any of the other proposed sites could possibly become one of the hottest new food destinations in the city. Of course we won't know what Amazon decides until it is official, but for now we can only dream of the endless new dining options that Philadelphia would gain from this at the very least.


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