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An Evening of Great Beats And Eats for An Even Greater Cause

Beats n Eats

Beats ‘n Eats was a fun and eclectic food and music event hosted by Chef Robert Irvine at The Fillmore music venue in Fishtown on May 21st.

Although meant to be fun, delicious and entertaining, this event also serves a greater purpose as it is meant to raise money and increase opportunities for veterans and members of the military.

The evening started off with a VIP cocktail reception and a meet and greet with Chef Irvine. The main event opened with a beautiful rendition of the national anthem by a local all-girl choir followed by Chef Irvine addressing the crowd to get their taste buds and eardrums ready for the sensory overload they were about to experience.

A seven-course family style meal cooked by local and celebrity chefs was enjoyed by all with fantastic live music performances between each course. The chefs, including Elizabeth Falkner, Beau MacMillan, Jennifer Carrol, Jason Cichonski, Brad Spence and Marcie Turney, took the mic to explain their dishes as they were being rolled out to the guests. While the guests enjoyed their meals the entertainers took the stage to further set the mood and create the perfect ambiance.

Entertainers included Rap legend Schoolly D and Philly’s rising star Chill Moody plus performances by Zeek Burse, Eric Dash, and Nina Rosen.

Overall, Beats ‘n Eats was a fun-filled evening of artistry in both food and music while helping raise money and create awareness for a great cause.

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