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There's A New Burger In (China)Town

When you think of Chinatown, the last thing that probably comes to mind is a burger. Well, not anymore. Butcher Burger opens in Chinatown Square on Friday May 18th and they are ready to shake up the neighborhood.

Butcher Burger

The new concept, which is spearheaded by chef “Chino” and comes from the same team behind Vesper Sporting Club, is a pleasant addition to the food hall. Yes, Chinatown if full of some of the best Asian cuisine anywhere, but sometimes you just need a good old-fashioned burger to quench your appetite and Butcher Burger will fulfill your wildest burger cravings.

I was lucky enough to meet with Chef Chino to hear about his inspirations and taste a few of his signature burgers ahead of the grand opening. The Butcher part of the restaurant’s name is no coincidence as I learned that all the beef comes from a nearby butcher and is always locally sourced and fresh. The beef is ground to Chino’s exact specifications to ensure juiciness when cooked on the griddle, and is seasoned and formed into patties on site.

Their top signature burger is called “The Butcher” and is a massive double cheeseburger with their signature house-made butcher sauce, american cheese, and thinly sliced lettuce, tomato and pickles. The patties are stacked high and all the ingredients are delicately assembled on a potato roll. Easily my favorite of the night.

"The Butcher"

The Butcher Burger

They also have other signatures like the Steakhouse burger which is the same beef patty but includes huge strips of bacon, perfectly melted white cheddar cheese, sauteed onions and is topped with their house-made steak sauce that adds the right amount of smoky flavor.

The Steakhouse

The Steakhouse Burger

Not in the mood for beef? You’re in luck, Butcher Burger also has some non beef burgers that are just as delicious and satisfying. Their unique chicken burger is not what you would expect at all. It is not a fried chicken sandwich, nor is it a traditional chicken patty. Chef uses a mixture of ground chicken with minced peppers and onions, and eggs to bind it all together. The chicken burger is cooked on the griddle the same way as the other burgers and develops a nice char while staying moist and juicy on the inside. There is also a vegetarian friendly portabella burger that is topped with a house-made caramelized shallot sauce and has an almost shiitake/miso flavor to it, so good that you don’t even miss the meat.

Chicken Burger

Chicken Burger



Next time you’re in the Chinatown area definitely check out Butcher Burger.

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