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10 Eagles Themed Foods Guaranteed To Get You Hyped For The Big Game

There is no denying that the entire city is affected with Eagles Fever at this point.

Everything is green! From the lights on our buildings and bridges to almost every item in the supermarkets and convenience stores. Jerseys and team flags as far as the eye can see, and every nook and cranny has something that just screams “Go Birds”.

Even during normal daily routines, people can't help but show their pride and excitement for our Eagles. This could not have been more evident to me when the bank teller was humming the Eagles fight song to herself the other day. Everyone is hyped up for this game.

Of course, restaurants have also gotten in on the Eagles fever to give the people what they want. These unique and specialty items are a way for our great food city to show our pride through what we love the most, and they can even serve a dual purpose as some businesses donate proceeds of certain items to charity.

So let’s take a look at some of the crazy and cool Eagles themed food and beverage items you can get in the city ahead of the big game.

1. Eagles Mint Mocha. (HighPointe Performance Cafe)

This impressive looking beverage is a coffee with a cause as 10% of every purchase supports a charity that builds water wells in Africa. (Find out more about the charity on the HighPoint Instagram page.)

2. Eagles Assortment. (Duck Donuts)

Every single donut looks absolutely incredible in this photo (posted by @Phillyfoodies on Instagram.) Definitely worth a trip to the KOP Town Center to grab a dozen or two for the office or family and friends.

3. Foles-Gers Coffee. (Reanimator Coffee)

Literally start your day with Nick Foles as you drink this "100% Philadelphian" coffee from Reanimator. All profits go to The Fund For The School District of Philadelphia.

4. Fly Eagles Fly. (Evil Genius Brewery)

What is football without beer? It does not get any more Philly than this Cherry Water Ice IPA from Evil Genius. They will have plenty available when they open on Friday 2/2. Impress all of your friends at the Super Bowl party.

5. Underdog Pretzel Bones. (Philly Pretzel Factory)

We love being the underdog and we love pretzels, so this is just perfect . Since Amazon has literally sold out of the dog masks, we can now use these underdog pretzel bones to show our support.

6. Eagles Doughnuts. (Beiler's Doughnuts)

Beiler's has the best doughnuts in the city and they know how to show their Eagles pride with these salacious looking bad boys. Make sure to check out their University City Location if you still haven't been.

7. Fry Eagles Fry. (Destination Dogs)

This is a fried hot dog topped with french fries, cheesesteak meat, Italian hoagie toppings, oil & vinegar and cherry pepper relish. Looks intense, but don't worry because they also have a full custom tailgate menu with other options such as the Rocky Bal-boar-a.

8. Eagles Fan On a Greased Pole. (Dotties Donuts)

You've probably already heard about this one from vegan donut gods Dottie's Donuts. This simplistic looking pastry is chocolate dough with vanilla, cookie butter and matcha pistachio frosting. They also have deluxe and filled versions. This one gets extra points for creativity.

9. Eagles Shake. (Craftsman Row)

This wild looking concoction was a special for the Vikings game, so it might not be available anymore but there could very well be a new version in time for the big game, so keep an eye out. Craftsman Row is always good for making us salivate.

Update: We called it, behold the Eagles Super Bowl Milkshake

10. Philly Clam Chowder. (Bait and Switch)

Bait and Switch is not the only restaurant to ban anything and everything Boston or New England related. There are even talks of people boycotting Dunkin Donuts, Boston Market and even baked beans, so this simple yet effective name change is a great solution to this problem. According to their Instagram page they are changing the menu until the Eagles win the Super Bowl, so come Sunday we can eat New England Clam Chowder again for dinner after the Eagles turn New England into Clam Chowder on the football field.

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