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New Neighborhood Pizzeria Slicing and Scooping at the Competition

Pizzerias are a dime a dozen in Philadelphia, so we were thrilled to discover a new places that truly stands out from the rest.

Lil’ Lina’s Slices & Scoops, which opened this past October, is located in a family-friendly neighborhood in Fishtown just north of York st. The area is booming with construction, and new homes are being built on every available plot of land. There are already a few great restaurants nearby that have become neighborhood favorites such as Cook & Shaker and Memphis Taproom, and Lil’ Lina’s is a pleasant new addition.

The thing that make them so great is their Trenton Style thin crust pizza that is not often found in our area. They also have a variety of homemade ice cream flavors and homemade fountain sodas.

The Slices:

Traditional Trenton Pie

The first pizza we tried was the Traditional Trenton Pie which has the signature thin crust, a blend of shredded cheeses which go on first, and their homemade hand-crushed tomato sauce that is gently spooned on top of the entire pie. This was our favorite of the day as its simple and delicate flavors paired perfectly with the thin crispy crust and left us wanting more. We also tried one of the Specialty Pies called Pizza the Hutt; this was a meat lovers dream topped with sausage, pepperoni, bacon and prosciutto. Both pizzas were absolutely delicious!

Pizza the Hutt

The hand-crushed tomato sauce is what makes these pizzas so great and the fact that it is spooned over the top of the pie instead of being spread across the whole thing allows you to get just the right amount of sauce in each bite.

The Scoops:

The ice cream and soda station looks like something out of a magazine with a crisp white subway tile backdrop and toppings neatly placed on shelves in glass jars. You feel almost compelled to save room for dessert.

We decided to pick one of the Specialty Sundaes to share and were immediately drawn to the one called Bouncing Off The Walls. This sundae starts off with a vanilla pound cake soaked in La Colombe Cold Brew, massive scoops of their homemade chocolate coffee Heath bar ice cream, and topped with hot fudge, whipped cream and espresso beans. We were in love with this dessert.

Bouncing Off The Walls

Lil’ Lina’s has done everything right. They use the best ingredients, they are pleasant and friendly, and they even employ people from the neighborhood to help and give back to the community. This is definitely a must try spot!

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