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The Bearded Bakers

By chance, I just happened to be in the DC area when the Knafeh NY team was in town and it was such a great experience. If you haven't heard of these guys or seen their viral videos online by now then you should definitely check them out soon. The concept started in Australia, and after they blew up in popularity they decided to start up in NY where they have been popping up at different locations, and have just started traveling to new cities like DC (I have no doubt that Philly will be soon). The bearded bakers operate out of a shipping container that is transformed into a mobile bakery/stage, where they put on a show for hours at a time to a lively and energetic crowd. They make only one product, Knafeh, which is a middle eastern dessert with a sweet cheese mixture that is baked until the top is perfectly crunchy and then finished off with a drizzle of rose water for extra sweetness. The dessert comes to you right out of the oven, so its warm and delicious and you get to watch the singing and dancing while your wait. This is a unique concept that is introducing this dessert to new people while providing entertainment. I always believe that food should be an experience, and the Knafeh team is making sure you have an unforgettable experience.

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