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Almost a Century of Baking and They're Still Fresh

While driving through Willow Grove after a quick stop at the mall, I noticed a tall green and white sign with neon lights that read “Bakery”. Almost hidden from sight in an inconspicuous shopping center stood Weinrich’s Bakery, and I was drawn to the building like a moth to a flame. The bakery first opened in 1919 by German Immigrants and has been at the current location for over 60 years. Walking in felt like taking a step back in time; there were old signs and displays, bakers dressed in all white uniforms and hats, pictures outlining the history of the bakery and the Weinrich family, and a certain vibe that assures you that they know what they’re doing. The overall ambiance along with their specialty items show their deeply rooted history, but they were also very much on trend with some of their desserts. There were colorful Halloween themed donuts and cakes, fun character cupcakes and most of your favorites that you would find at any modern day bakery. Weinrich’s is a family owned business that has stood the test of time and has been able to survive through years of change and development. They will be celebrating their 100th anniversary in a few years and you can’t help but be impressed and inspired by their story.

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