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Celebrity Chef Cooking Demo with Marc Murphy

As part of the James Beard Foundation Taste America tour stop in Philadelphia, we attended a special celebrity chef cooking demonstration by Chef Marc Murphy. Most of you would recognize Murphy from the hit Food Network show Chopped, but he is also an accomplished chef, restaurateur and author of multiple cookbooks. The demo took place at Sur La Table in King of Prussia, and was presented by the James Beard Foundation along with many national sponsors. Chef Murphy made a Spaghetti Alla Carbonara with pancetta, and as you can guess, it was delicious. The dish actually has very simple ingredients, and contrary to popular belief does not contain any cream. The pasta is tossed into an egg and Parmigiano Reggiano mixture where the heat of the fresh spaghetti helps cooks the eggs. A few tips from the chef: never break your spaghetti in half before cooking, add plenty of salt to the water (no need to add oil), do not rinse the pasta after straining and finally, this dish should be eaten as soon as it is made and should not sit around. (recipe attached)

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