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Is This The Best Kept Secret About The Barnes Foundation?

Going to The Barnes Foundation is truly a phenomenal and overwhelming experience. Seeing that many extraordinary works of art in one place takes you through every single emotion in the span of a few hours. It is by far one of the best museums I have ever been to and I strongly encourage everyone to take a trip out there if you haven't already. However, none of this is a secret. On my last trip to The Barnes on October 1st for First Sunday, I noticed something that I had never known or heard about; The Barnes Foundation has a restaurant! Yes, I even walked right passed it when I got my ticket and didn't even notice the entrance doors. The Garden Restaurant at The Barnes Foundation, as it is properly called, is open from 11:30am- 3:30pm on weekdays (closed Tuesdays) and from 11am-4pm on weekends. The Barnes Foundation's own website mentions very little about the restaurant, only this: "Our restaurant has Mediterranean-inspired salads and hearty but healthy entrées made with locally sourced ingredients. Enjoy beverages, including curated wines and local beers, and classic European cakes, tarts, and other desserts. Lunch is served on weekdays, brunch on weekends.". Skimming through social media, you barely see any mentions of the restaurant at all. I noticed one picture posted by @starrevents on March of 2016 that says the restaurant is officially open for service. Is this the best kept secret in Philly?

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