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Draft Latte Madness at La Colombe Fishtown

La Colombe's flagship cafe in Fishtown has captivated customers (especially me) since the day it opened its doors. I've always known about the mysterious "coffee lab" in the back corner above the bathrooms, but I never really knew what secret meetings were going on up there. When I finally got the opportunity to attend one of these tasting events, I jumped at the chance. As you know, the draft latte has taken off in a big way and it has been showing up in an increasing number of stores since its initial launch. This product line has grown so much that La Colombe even had to invest in a special state-of-the-art facility dedicated solely to making these canned caffeine concoctions. I had an exciting morning taste tasting some of the newest draft latte flavors and here is the inside scoop: All draft lattes are made with real coffee and real milk from local dairies. You will be seeing more seasonal flavors in stores, like the Pumpkin Spice, and a new holiday flavor coming soon! There will be more options for people with dairy sensitivity and vegan friendly options made with coconut milk. You will also start to see draft lattes in more locations such as your local Wawa. The most important think I took away from this experience was learning more about the quality ingredients and processes that go into making this product so great.

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